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SRI ISOPANISAD, Hardcover, 1969 Original Edition, KBI Reference: ISO Condition: New product SRI ISOPANISAD, 1969 Original Edition, 2016 Reprint KBI No. of Pages : 144 with color Illustrations Binding : Hard Bound Size : 5.25" x 8" Sri Isopanisad (Shri Ishopanishad) is the foremost of the 108 Upanisads. Contained within is the essence of all Vedic knowledge. Presented with the original Sanskrit text, transliterations, English synonyms and purports, by a self-realized Teacher (Acharya), this book is recommended for the novices and neophytes as well as the most highly elevated souls. Its contents are transcendentally pleasing to the non-deceptive and sincere aspirants of spiritual advancement in life. Contents: Introduction, "Teaching of the Vedas", Śrī Īśopanisad, Appendix 1: About the Author, Appendix 2: Sanskrit Diacritical Equivalents. Author: His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Format: Hard Cover, 5.25" x 8" Pages: 144 with 8 Color Plates ISBN : 1602930015 9781602930018 Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number: 78-102853 Shipping Weight: 300 grams Free Gift all orders over $32


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